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Geelong East Primary School is committed to being an outstanding school where care, innovation and progressive practices ensure resilient and connected students that thrive in an ever changing world.

Our core values which support and promote positive attitudes, behaviours and relationships are:

*Care & Support  *Co-operation  *Fairness  *Honesty * Persistence  *Respect  *Responsibility

Geelong East P.S. has a Values based approach to all facets of school life based on seven core values which are:

  • Care & Support
We look after ourselves, our friends and classmates, our teachers and others
  • Co-operation
We work together to achieve our goals
  • Fairness
We share and take turns, accept differences and give others a ‘fair go’
  • Honesty
We tell the truth, follow agreed rules, and accept responsibility for our own actions
  • Persistence
We always try our best and never give up until we have achieved it
  • Respect

We value ourselves and others, use appropriate social manners, and look after our own and others’ property and the wider environment

  • Responsibility

We accept responsibility for our own learning and behaviour

These values should be prominently displayed in all classrooms and throughout all areas of the school and should be constantly referred to in all aspects of school life.

The ‘Working Together’ program at the start of the year focuses on introducing the values and related concepts to all children from Prep to Year 6.

Each week a student from each grade is selected by his/her class teacher to receive that week’s Values Award for the class. These are announced during Wednesday’s Assembly, and each student receives a certificate to keep, and a trophy to display for the week.

Children work towards gaining their Values badge at the end of each year level. *For further information about this and any Welfare related programs see the School Welfare Officer.


Duty and Truth

Duty and Truth


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