Being Green - How can you help?

We are ALWAYS collecting recycled materials for repurposing and use for fun learning activities in our classrooms. 
The following items are always in need:

Plastic jars (such as honey and peanut butter jars) Please NO GLASS JARS.
Cereal and biscuit boxes
Egg cartons
Plastic 2L and 4L ice-cream containers
1.25L soft drink bottles

Come Visit Us!

Everyone is always welcome at GEPS. We welcome parents and families of students as well as 'outsiders' including community members, media, politicians, council members, other schools, local businesses and charities, and anyone else who might like to visit. If you are one of the 'outsiders' please just contact our office and we will arrange an educational tour with some our very experienced Environment Club students and a staff Sustainability representative.

Come see our fabulous Nude Food posters in the office area that students produced for National Nude Food Day.
There is also a small 'Being Green at GEPS' display in the office area done by some of the grade 5/6 students for Environment Day during Term 3.

Below: Some of our garden signs and also some of the posters entered into the Barwon Water National Water Week poster competition.

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